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Crop & Create Delivered – LDRS Creative

Our fifth mini class was with LDRS Creative. I’ll be honest when I saw the stamp set we were sent, I did say a wee ‘meh’ at it, because fruits are just not ‘my thing’. But I’d promised myself that I wouldn’t back away from any class or products because I may be pleasantly surprised … this is one of those cases – these fruits are pretty fun and cute!

Card projects by LDRS Creative

Some of the things I loved about this class:

  • Being taken far out of my comfort zone and loving the end results. Will I do more in the future? You betcha!
  • I’ve never ink blended strips of cardstock before – such a great idea when you have more ink colours than cardstock colours – I love it!
  • A really versatile stamp and die set and I love everything about it – I’ve already used the die set for another card, which I’ll share separately later.

Inks that I chose to use were all from Gina K Designs:

  • Lemons: Lemon Drop and Wild Dandelion
  • Lime: Jelly Bean Green
  • Orange: Sweet Mango, and leaves in Jelly Bean Green with Fresh Asparagus for the veins
  • Strawberry: Red Hot and Fresh Asparagus
  • Watermelons: Lipstick and Grass Green
  • Checkboard border: Red Velvet

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