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Craft Roulette episode 173

I needed to do a quick and simple card this week due to personal reasons, but I was determined to submit a card. I chose one of my all-time favourite pastimes, creating an ink-blended background with a silhouette image, using all Gina K Designs products.

This week the parameters were:

  • Project: Window (I used a window die)
  • Colours: Bird(s) (mine is based on a kingfisher image I found online, with coppery orange and brilliant turquoise/aqua/blues)
  • Element: By the pond (I figured wildflowers often grow by ponds)
  • Random: Paper clip (I actually bought some special paper clips over 12 months ago just for the day that this parameter finally got chosen … then couldn’t find them! normal office paperclip to the rescue in a coordinating blue, and I used that to attach the sentiment strip)

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