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Crop & Create Fall 2022 – Scrapbook & Cards Today

The event officially kicked off on Friday night, 30 September. Vicki Boutin presented this class using the stamp and die set from Scrapbook & Cards Today. I’ll be honest this session intimidated me soooo much – I detest fussy cutting (‘fussy cussing’ is the perfect term coined by Vicki), so I was automatically on the back foot on this one. I have to say, though, I kinda got into a rhythm with it in the end … I can’t say I enjoyed it, but I can say there wasn’t too much cussing involved haha. I was originally going to try the cards again in a different colourway as well, but in the end I decided I’d fussy cussed enough, and that’ll have to wait until another day (or next time I’ll find a similar die to use instead).

Things I enjoyed:

  • I loved the mixed media involved in this class – this is an avenue I’d like to explore more, and this was a good basic introduction with fun results using stencil ink smooshing, and a technique I’d never tried before.
  • I enjoyed the different colourway – definitely not colours I’d ever choose to go together, but they really worked well.
  • I loved masking off the bottom section and inking up with the orange ink to create distinct layers, but still having a one-layer card for the background layer – it’s really effective. I also love the white sentiment laid on top of the orange layer so it stands out more.
  • It was awesome to be taken out of my comfort zone in so many ways with these projects – it really stretched me as a cardmaker, and that’s really important I think.

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