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Crop & Create Fall 2022 – Angie Blom

I cannot tell a lie, watercolouring these big images scared the bejeezus out of me … but a I’ve had a year of cardmaking under my belt since this class was offered, and I finally bit the bullet and attempted it last week. I think it was the fastest watercolour job I’ve done thanks to Angie’s simple technique and instructions in the class, and I’m so thrilled with the results!

It’s also just in time for the Beautiful Blossoms challenge as it resonates with the sunflowers in the moodboard this month.

Things I enjoyed:

  • Realising that watercolouring doesn’t have to be hard or intimidating, just fun.
  • Learning how you can give more texture (eg in the flower centre) be adding different colours of watercolour – in this case the addition of a bit of red and purple gave a bit of extra dimension.
  • Learning that you don’t have to have watercolour paints to create watercolour images – in this case I just scribbled watercolour markers onto an acrylic block to use as paint. This is something I’ve tried recently, but I didn’t have this knowledge when this class was first held so I didn’t want to attempt it. Which reinforced point one above … just try anyway, and have fun experimenting.

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