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Crop & Create Fall 2022 – Pink & Main

The final class of the Fall event taught by Michelle Currie and it was a doozy, teaching us some very new (to me anyway) techniques. I’d never see flock before, so this was a challenge and a half! I only had the red flock that came in the event kit, and didn’t want to purchase more unless I knew I’d like working with it – instead for the hat card I substituted glitter … which is surprising for me, not being a glitter fan, but it’s a lot easier to work with for this technique being rubbed into a sticky background and not going everywhere.

Things I enjoyed:

  • Trying a totally new product and getting well and truly out of my comfort zone. I may not love it, and I’m unlikely to reach for it in the future, I’m really grateful to have had the opportunity to play with it and give it a try.
  • Learning the one time so far that glitter doesn’t make me curse – it may not have been part of the class instructions, but I’m glad to have tried the experiment and had a positive result.
  • Once again trying totally new colour schemes for me – I may have changed a couple of elements to fit more in line with my own preferences, but on the whole I stuck with the bulk of Michelle’s colours.
  • It’s another set of products that will be handy in the future – I especially love the ice-cream cone stamp/die and the party hat die!

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