Class projects, Crop & Create Delivered

Crop & Create Mar 2023 – Scrapbook & Cards Today

When I first saw the stamp and stencil set that SCT provided us in the event kit I’ll be honest I was disappointed. Then Meghann Andrew completed the class projects and I was blown away by the results – I honestly think they’re truly magical! Yes, the designs can be labour intensive doing every tile individually, but oh my goodness is it worth it! I did a second round of cards using my own colourway – the class projects were the warmer gold/peach/red cards, and mine were the aqua/purple versions.

Things I enjoyed:

  • I loved being proven wrong about these products – my view of them did a total flip and so far these have been my favourite cards of the event to date (admittedly, though, I haven’t completed too many of the projects yet).
  • I loved the versatility of how a small set of tiles can be used in some many ways for a totally different look.
  • I love how the simple change of colours can dramatically change the card – but I also loved doing a colourway that I would never have chosen and loving the results of both versions.

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