Mixed media

Stamperia mixed media workshop 1

Oh boy did I get outside my comfort zone with this project! I visited a scrapbook store two hours north of where I live back in May and heard they had some mixed media classes. I kept an eye out on their schedule and when I saw this project I knew I really wanted to give it a try. Sadly I missed out on the first round of classes when it was held with the Stamperia designer visiting from Greece, Antonis Tzanidakis as they sold out within 24 hours. I was so disappointed, then found out the store had been given the go-ahead to teach the classes again using some leftover kit supplies. Well, I couldn’t hand over my credit card quick enough for this one!

I’d never ever done a project like this before and had no idea what I was really signing up for – this book is a full A4 in size, so it’s not a small project, and it’s uses a lot of resin pieces and chipboard gears etc. I learnt so much from this class, and it was the most inspirational craft session I’ve had in a long time – totally new techniques to learn, and different products in use that I’d never heard of. As a first attempt at this, I’m incredibly proud of my achievement, and look forward to doing more in the future. I can totally recommend classes at The Scrapbooker’s Confetti Box in Swansea, NSW – they’re a joy to craft along with … although my bank balance may believe otherwise, going by all the goodies in my car boot on the way home!

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