Class projects, Crop & Create Delivered

Crop & Create Sept 2023 –

I’ll be honest this class with was one of the classes I was looking forward to the least because I found the paper pad etc unappealing, and as usual my expectations were far exceeded – it turned out to be a really fun class. The projects in real life are actually fun and lovely, and I thoroughly enjoyed it all.

I went a bit rogue with the first class using Cloud Whip – the class used lemon and pink colours, but I stuck to my own preferred colour palette of cool tones, and I adore the finished card.

The shaker card is one of the projects I was a bit ‘ho-hum’ about because of the paper pad, but I really like the card in the end – it goes to show that you never can tell, and shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!

Another one I was ho-hum about because of that paper pad again, and infinity cards have always made me nervous … well it was much easier than expected, and was really fun to put together. I decided it was so much fun that I’d try using another paper pad I’d recently received in the mail for a Christmas version. I’ll eventually add some other embellishments to the front of the Christmas one, but it was fun to create them both at the same time for practice.

Things I enjoyed:

  • Being proven wrong about projects – both projects using the paper pad I was unsure about and they turned out to be great fun. I’m not 100% sure I’ll use every page in the paper pad, but then again isn’t that the case with most paper pads you buy?
  • I’m happy I decided to continue using the kit contents, rather than just using my own supplies – I loved being pushed outside my comfort zone yet again. Doing this helps us grow as crafters, I think.
  • I loved how easy the infinity card was to make – not sure I’ll make many more unless I can give the card in person to someone to explain how they work … but I’m so happy to have tried it and realised they’re not as intimidating as they seem!
  • Laura and Cody bantering gave me a good laugh during the class – I love their sense of humour during classes.

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