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Crop & Create Sept 2023 – Brutus Monroe

I definitely took some liberties with the colour schemes of this class, but managed to get all the colours that I used just by using the three primary liquid watercolours that we received in the class of red, yellow and blue. We don’t really celebrate Fall/Autumn in Australia, so I tried to shy away from those colours as much as I could, and went for my favourite cool tones – such a surprise haha.

The vase is meant to be a pumpkin, but I decided I’d interpret it as a beautiful cobalt blue hand-blown glass vase. I started following Christopher’s colourscheme with the flowers, but then decided to just do my own thing.

I think this is my favourite card of the three I made in this class. The technique with watercolours and a stencil were fun, but that Rainbow Sparkle embossing powder totally stole the show – crikey that’s got some sparkle in it! I actually already own a wee tub of that one, but I hadn’t used it yet … well it’s going to get a lot more use now! I really do like the monochrome die cuts against the background images – I’ll have to remember to do that more often too!

This is the hardest thing to photograph on my iPhone, because it keeps trying to adjust the light – it’s phenomenal in real life!

I’ve always loved the look of embossed resist, and this was no exception – totally fun how we cut the panel up and changed the orientation of the centre panel for visual interest. Note to self: remember this for the future! I tried to go with a wee bit brighter colourscheme for this one.

Things I enjoyed:

  • Rainbow Sparkle embossing powder … wowzers!
  • Using monochrome stamped die cuts on a colourful background – really unusual and fun.
  • I loved playing with the liquid watercolours and making up the various colour combinations using just the three colours. It makes me more confident to try doing more of this with my other painting products.

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