Class projects, Crop & Create Delivered

Crop & Create Sept 2023 – Ranger Ink

Such a fun class with Simon Hurley and Ranger! We got to play with Solar Paste for the first time, along with some Lunar Paste, and different techniques using them both. Oh boy that Solar Paste is exquisite on the black cardstock, although the purple is sooooo hard to photograph well on my iPhone.

I was a bit heavy-handed with the gold lunar paste mixed in with the solar paste, but I love the results with the smooshed half using the residual product on the stencil!

This photo shows the purple colour a bit truer to life … although it changes depending on the angle you view it on in the light – it’s truly beautiful!

Using a blending tool with the lunar paste through the stencil for just a light covering of the paste is a great technique and is fun to give different texture to the snowfall thicker texture.

Things I enjoyed:

  • Using dye inks to paint the critters was really fun and easy to do without too much effort – just my sort of colouring!
  • I loved the idea of smooshing the residual paste on the stencil to create a beautiful sky effect on the dark cardstock – just stunning in real life!
  • I really loved the effect of the monochrome card just using one ink pad colour in differing intensities to get the three different layers.
  • A great paced class by Simon, and easy to keep up – and I really enjoyed the tips for working with these pastes. I’ll definitely be buying more of these, that’s for sure!
Class projects, Crop & Create Delivered

Crop & Create Fall 2022 – Ranger Ink

Mini class #8 was with Simon Hurley and Ranger. This was a fun class, and I loved that we got some stamping foam and Lunar Paste to play with. For the first card below I chose a metal organiser to use for my texture, and the second butterfly card I used a paisley background stamp – I really love the results of that one!

Things I enjoyed:

  • I love having the opportunity to play with stamping foam again – I’ve used it previously and had mixed results, but this time it was much better using some of Simon’s tips.
  • I loved how any sort of products can be used to create texture on the stamping foam – so many things around the home that can be used.
  • I loved the opportunity to play with Lunar Paste … and the fact that we received a blue colour was the icing on the cake for me, the colour palette was right up my alley! It’s also a versatile basic stencil that will be super useful in the future too.
Class projects, Crop & Create Delivered

Crop & Create Mar 2023 – Ranger Ink

I thought I’d better hurry up and complete more classes from the March Crop & Create event before I started the current September one! This class was with Simon Hurley, and it was a fun one working with Lunar Paste in different ways. I wasn’t happy my water pen had a conniption during splattering and gushed onto the completed panel, but that’s OK they just look like boulders haha.

Things I enjoyed:

  • I loved using the lunar paste not just through the stencil, but using it to create a stamped image.
  • I loved the subtle effect of lunar paste being applied using a domed foam blending tool – will definitely do this again in the future.
  • I really loved getting out of my comfort zone to create a scene I’d never have chosen myself – I don’t always like the results, but I love being pushed to try new things and won’t ever why away from the challenge. And is often the case, even when I don’t love the results, I have friends who jump up and say how much THEY love the cards.
  • I always forget about my Distress ink cubes, but I was reminded how beautiful the blue is in Blueprint Sketch – I need to use that one more!