Welcome to my papercraft site

After being a needleworker for many years, back in May 2021 I started learning how to make cards. I started off with monthly papercraft kits from a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, which really helped me to start learning all the basics and to kickstart my imagination. I then found the rabbit-hole of YouTube tutorials where I started to find tutors and designs that made my heart sing and my motivation soar even higher. Queens of the industry such as Jennifer McGuire and Gina K became my spare time viewing and I’ve contined to grow and be inspired by these and many others since then while I start o find ‘my own style’. Another inspiration comes from Craft Roulette‘s weekly improv challenges that really get the grey matter working overtime on four spins of the roulette wheel!

After sharing my cards with friends on Facebook, and sharing more publicly on Instagram, I decided it was time to start documenting my card details properly, and this blog is the start. Even if nobody else reads it, I’ll have a more detailed documentation of the products I used and any tips I learnt along the way for my own records. I think documenting the learning process over time really helps you to see how you’ve grown in a craft over the years.

If I feel brave, I may provide a tutorial or two in the future, but for now this is just a place to share my journey and my new love of all things paper.